Praise and Worship

Praise and worship is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the body of Christ today. Why do we praise? What is worship? What is the true definition of Biblical worship and praise?

From the beginning of creation, God’s desire was to have a race of beings and a creation to voluntarily and lovingly worship and praise Him continually. God’s desire to be praised and worshipped is seen all the way through both the Old and the New Testaments. This is the whole essence of our being, the whole root of our existence. The primary purpose for our creation is to willingly and lovingly offer praise and worship to the One who created us for the purpose of glorifying Him.

Before the creation of man, we see the angelic creation praising and worshipping God (Job 38:7). In Ezekiel 28:13-19, we see that God created and anointed Lucifer, the Messianic Cherub to minister praise in heaven. He was adorned in all and had everything and according to Ezekiel 28:13, God equipped him with some serious pipes!

He was given the power to bring worship on God with his voice. The Bible calls them pipes referring to his voice and was every instrument. If every instrument in all the world was playing in harmony, there’d be nothing like him. Not even your best worship songs combined could compete.

He was so big, powerful, wonderful and good looking that even Michael the archangel was afraid to say anything to him. He got a big head and started listening to his own voice. He had it all but wanted the very thing that belonged to God alone. He coveted God’s praise and worship and adoration. His pride caused him to make a run at the third heaven in attempt to be seated in the midst of God’s praise.

Coveting God’s glory and the praises of God’s creation to be worshipped as the king is the central motive behind the fall of Lucifer. He wanted to be God and to take the glory that only God deserves.

God cast him out of heaven and as the late J. Vernon McGee stated: “God threw him out of heaven and he landed right in the choir”! Wonder why the church has problems in this area today?

God has established His desire to be praised throughout man’s creation. In the Old Testament, before the Hebrew nation, we see gentiles such as Job, Abel, Abraham, Noah, and others in worship and praise to God through sacrifices and the building of altars. The purpose was instituted and clearly understood.

In the Hebrew nation, God established the Levitical system of priests led by the high priest who were to lead the worship of God in Israel. In the New Testament, God says that as believers in Jesus Christ, we are the priesthood who are to be set apart to Him led by the High Priest Jesus Christ to declare his praise!

In other words, we have been made to worship! If you are not worshiping Him or chose not to praise the Lord, then by default you are a worshipper of whatever it is that is coming between you and the God of all eternity.

Unfortunately, many in the church believe that Christian worship is about worship music or having the right Christian music or listening to the right Christian songs, whatever that is. However, Biblical worship is not about praise music. It is an extension of praise in our lives but it is not the definition of Biblical praise.

God, from the time of creation, has been interested in the priesthood. The issue of praise in creation and in our lives is a central concern to the heart of God. We see it throughout creation because the emphasis of creation is to praise Him. God says in Isaiah 43:21, “This people I have formed for Myself; they shall declare My praise.” This is the heart of worship.

Satan is hot because now someone has taken over his job. He gets fired from a job and someone else comes along and takes it and now he’s mad about what you’re trying to do. He doesn’t want to worship God anymore, in fact he doesn’t want anyone to worship God. He wants God’s worship from the very ones God has appointed to take over his job!

Praise and worship is so central to the heart of God and is the reason for our very creation and existence. Yet in the body of Christ today, there is such a large ignorance in this area. Such confusion and lack of understanding of what it’s all about. Let’s look at the misunderstandings of church praise and worship music in the next section.

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