Biblical Praise

What is Biblical Praise?

Biblical praise is not the same thing as worship. Worship in the Bible is coming to the end of self, putting all on the altar and coming away changed. Praise is what we do along the way and how we enter into the presence of God.

Praise is the personal expression of worship to one’s personal Lord. The whole central focus of our being involves glorifying God through our praise to Him. This is central to the Christian faith.

Many of God’s faithful servants clearly understood that the real sanctuary or temple was in God’s third heaven. It was there that God’s glory was fully manifested. (Psalms 77:13; 63:2; 68:24; 74:3; 96:6; 150:1). God’s glory that is manifested in heaven is to be brought down to earth by God’s saints through praise to Him. That is the purpose of praise and Christian worship.

The presence of praise brings the glory down from above and the “felt” presence of God just as in king Solomon’s dedication of the Temple in 2 Chronicles 7:1. At this, the people are strengthened and the hordes of hell flee at the name of God. When praise brings God’s glory down to earth, it will cause the kingdom of darkness to raise it’s ugly head and take notice and come to your doorstep. In the battle, it is praise that is one of the greatest defenses of the church and the believer against Satanic attack. Not only is praise our provision for God’s presence but it is our protection from defilement.

Biblical praise protects the church and the people from defilement (Psalm 22:3). When the church or the people are defiled there will be a lack of Biblical praise. The lack of praise is why so many churches and her saints are a city with her walls broken down and her gates consumed with fire just as Jerusalem was when the priesthood had failed to “keep the gates” of righteousness and allowed the city to become defiled and the Temple was destroyed (Neh 1:3).

The evil spirits attack and quench the power of God and hold back his glory. This is so if we as the priesthood of the church allow our “gates” to become defiled and our Temple to be corrupted with sin. We are to guard and keep out defilement with the Spirit of Praise and the Sword of Truth (1 Cor 6:20).

Praise is rooted in the dimension of God’s grace (Romans 5:1-2) and only God’s grace can establish the heart of man (Heb 13:9). Those that can praise God are those who have learned to stand in the unfathomable riches in God’s amazing grace and unconditional love.

The one who is receiving grace from the Lord develops a heart of thanksgiving and devotion, and singing becomes the natural expression of worship. Some of the greatest hymns of the faith have come from those in the most trying and difficult of times. It is because they were rooted in grace, that the foundation of grace gives way to the voice of singing, for in time of spiritual need, there is the strength of grace (2 Cor 12:9).

Praising God is the continual pouring out of our lives to God in intimate relationship with him realizing that He is our very essence and He is our everything which results in singing, raising the hands, blessing with our lips, giving thanks to his name. This is the will of God. All of those things encompass our praise to God. They are an outward manifestation of the praise that we have for the Lord in our hearts. That is where the enemy is defeated before the battle even begins.

True Biblical praise is entering into the presence of a Holy and Almighty God in intimate worship. This is our purpose. It is our power. It must be our prayer. It must be our passion. It requires sacrifice (Heb 13:15). Everyday our lives are to be lived in praise to God’s glory. It’s being united with God in intimacy through Biblical praise.

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